Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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from Celestial Triumvirate

Then Shanna noticed the young woman was chained to the wall, an ominous sign indeed.
The door was as white as the walls, and could almost be missed if not for the brass knob. Shanna pulled, turned and tugged, all to no avail. The door wouldn’t budge.
Feeling as though she had little choice, Shanna knelt near the sleeping young woman. Hopefully she would have an answer.
“Hey. Sorry to wake you.” Shanna pulled gently on the young woman. Aside from the girl’s breathing becoming somewhat deeper, she did not respond. Shanna looked the young woman over, noticing her body, much as she would observe a man’s. A shudder went through her as she realized what she was doing. Shanna had seen beautiful women before, but had never felt a desire like this. She wondered what it could mean, if anything.
“Hey, are you okay?”
A low, sinister laugh came suddenly from behind her. Shanna turned her head to see Viktor Dukat standing in front of the door, just as it closed. Its movement was silent, explaining why she hadn’t heard him come in.
“She can’t hear you, dear; she’s quite drowsy at the moment. I expect the drugs will wear off at some point, but we should be finished by then.”
Shanna stood to face him.
“Where the hell am I? Who the hell is this? And who the fuck do you think you are that you can kidnap me from my home?”
“No doubt you know exactly who we are.’ Viktor’s voice was calm, his grin wicked. “We are your new family, Shanna Shane, though you may not yet realize it. Tell me, did the do-gooders tell you who, you really were, what you really were?”
“What they did or didn’t tell me is none of your fucking business. Now let me out of here.”
Shanna took a step toward him, but Viktor held up his hand. Despite her determination to leave, Shanna halted.
“Not yet, my dear. You’ve heard their offer, no doubt full of love and kisses and a pretty rose on your bed every day. That’s nothing compared to what the Oblivion can offer you. Power, raw and untamed, to make everything you’ve ever wanted happen, to make all your wildest dreams come true. Only we can unlock your full potential as a half-vampire, Shanna. What do the pathetic Celestials offer, hmm?”

“Love, and friendship.” Viktor waved off her answer.

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