Who is Even Sultry?

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So who is this Even Sultry? Well, first off, I'm a guy. A guy who loves reading, writing, love, romance, fiction, and sex.  It's what I love, and who I am. I'm a nerd at heart,with a fondness for sci-fi movies, video games and those amazing comic book movies/TV shows that are out now. I love great romances, and I love adventure, so most of my reading falls somewhere in that area.
I am a lover of women, of all shapes and sizes. To me, true beauty has no size, and is as much about a woman's inner beauty as out. I like to think my fiction reflects that.
I'm always writing, or thinking about writing, or wishing I was thinking about writing. :) You get the idea. So feel free to check out the website, and peruse my work here, or any of the great publishers for whom I strive to write great, quality erotic adventure stories.

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