Thursday, August 21, 2014

Celestial Triumvirate

Introducing the cover for my first Siren Romance, a sizzling new series entitled The Night Wars. Slated for release later this year. Now, I wouldn't dream of revealing this fantastic cover without offering you a little snippet of what's inside! Enjoy.

Robin pushed the two twenty dollar bills he always paid with across the counter. Shanna reached out to collect them, her fingers brushing lightly against his. Robin looked down at her contact and back up, his easy-going smile planted firmly on his rosy red lips.
“Thank you, as always.” Robin began in his light-toned, sensual manner. “By the way, I love the shirt you have on tonight.”
“Oh, thank you.” Shanna replied, pushing the words from her mouth. Shanna’s stomach was knotted as tight as a drum. Her mouth was dry, though she wanted to wet it with his sweet come. This was it, the chance, her chance.
“Um, you have a nice shirt too.” No! That’s not it! That’s not what I want to say! Don’t listen to my words, please read my thoughts! I want you, I love you. Oh please see that!
Shanna’s dry lips refused to utter another phrase.
“Well, thank you. This old thing is just something I threw on. Well, have a good evening, Shanna. Was so nice to see you again.”
“You too. Thanks, and come back.”
Robin took one step back. His eyes were quick, but Shanna was almost certain he scoped her out from head to toe. Or was it just her imagination?
“Don’t I always?” Robin smiled, winked, and left her store just like he’d done so many other times before. Shanna’s heart sunk with each step he took. Say something now, Shanna told herself, but her stubborn lips refused to move no matter how much her heart demanded. Once again, the man she’d set her heart on stepped out her door and out of her life. What if he never came back?
Shanna cursed her cowardice. Sadness quickly followed anger, and she felt tears welling up inside her. These she fought back. She refused to cry. This was a battle she would one day win, but how?
Robin’s manner toward her seemed most amiable. But if he was at least half as enchanted with her as she was with him, why hadn’t he said anything yet? Doubt began its irrepressible war within her, fighting back what little self-confidence remained to her. Shanna took a deep breath, banishing those thoughts with sheer determination.
“One day.” Shanna said out loud. “One day.”
Her mood was dark after failing to surmount her uncertainties, so Shanna closed up the shop after Robin left. All she wanted now was a hot shower to calm her nerves and her soft bed.

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